Americas NextGen Leaders:
Estif Aparicio, Arias, Fábrega & Fábrega (Panama)
John Kanan, Honigman (Detroit)

Asia Pacific NextGen Leaders:
Brett Hearnden, Hunt & Hunt (Sydney)
Aniket Sengupta, Luthra & Luthra (New Delhi)

E/ME/A NextGen Leaders:
Antoine Boesch, Poncet, Turrettini, Amaudruz, Neyroud & Associés (Geneva)
Antoine Boesch, Poncet, Turrettini, Amaudruz, Neyroud & Associés (Geneva)

NextGen Advisor:
Kirsten Frijs, Mazanti-Andersen, Korsø-Jensen & Partners (Copenhagen)

NextGen are Interlawyers who have been identified by their firms as future leaders and who appreciate the value of developing their own Interlaw network of “connected” professionals worldwide. As Interlaw prepares its 30th anniversary, it is widely acknowledged that to stay relevant and vibrant, the next generation of leadership for the association should be called on to contribute to the vitality and the direction of business development, topics of professional development, corporate social responsibility initiatives, and substantive growth. Interlaw offers several opportunities for lawyers to develop professional networks, discuss management issues, and participate in continuing legal education, including scholarships to study transnational law in Geneva and Hong Kong, and secondments to Interlaw member firms outside one’s own jurisdiction, and conjunctive meetings with Managing Partners and general delegate sessions. NextGen meets at each regional and global annual meeting, and NextGen Interlawyers are encouraged to participate in all SBT activities.

2013 Meetings: NextGen SBT

  • 11 April 2013: w/Americas Regional Meeting w/ MP&P & WLI, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • 31-1 May- Jun 2913: EMEA NextGen F2F — then join Energy & EMARE SBT, Brussels, Belgium
    “Mini MBA for Lawyers”
  • 30-2 Oct-Nov 2013: Global NextGen w/ AGM, Sydney, Australia
    “It’s Business”

Below you can view speaker from NextGen Cyprus session: