Global Insolvency Group

Jack Cullen, Foster Pepper (Seattle)
Dag Di Meo, Hamilton (Stockholm)

Interlawyers have broad expertise in the field of bankruptcy and insolvency, and are active in national associations that promote continuing education of the judiciary and practitioners. While bankruptcy law is federally mandated, Interlawyers call on one another when conflicted out of cases, when local counsel is needed, or when expanded expertise will facilitate a more advantageous outcome for their clients. Interlawyers can co-counsel with fellow experts from around the globe. National and international conferences offer a natural meeting opportunity for members of the Interlaw Bankruptcy & Insolvency Special Business Team. The Global Insolvency Group meets informally, over breakfast, during regional and global Interlaw conferences.

2013 Meetings: Global Insolvency Group SBT

  • 11 Apr 2013: w/ Americas Regional Meeting w/ Banking & Finance
    Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • 30 Oct 2013: w/Annual Global Meeting, Sydney, Australia