Customs, Trade, Transportation & Logistics

Andrew Hudson, Hunt & Hunt (Melbourne)
Ed Greenberg, GKG Law P.C. (Washington D.C.)

Free trade agreements open borders to increased globalization of merchandising, and many countries are capitalizing on the incentives of revised tariff regulations. What is good for the consumer is great for the global company, requiring a legal team with an understanding of the structure of customs, the flow of trade, and the infrastructure of how to transport people and cargo in this frenetic environment. Employment and immigration lawyers also keep current with this dynamic practice. Interlaw has an impressive number of experts in each of these fields, and coincidently, firms are located in the most vital trade and regulatory centers including Hong Kong, Panama, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Stuttgart, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Melbourne, and Lagos—just to name a few. Customs, Trade, Transportation & Logistics is an Interlaw Special Business Team that brings together the various expertise of the network.