Prospective Member Form

Becoming a Member of Interlaw

Membership Interlaw membership is by invitation only, and the identification, vetting, and selection process is both rigorous and thorough. Interlaw seeks as members, full service, highly reputed, commercial law firms that are usually midsized for their jurisdiction. Selection generally includes the following steps: Members or clients target cities for expansion and recommend potential member firms; The Secretariat researches prospective firms, particularly their reputation among peers, breadth of capabilities, size, and branch office locations; (Interlaw generally supports only one member firm in a city or jurisdiction.) After consultation with the members and Board, the firms with the strongest credentials are approached to determine interest; A due diligence team, consisting of Board members from the region, visits the prospective firms to meet the senior management and practitioners, and to learn more about the scope and strength of practice areas, firm governance, and range of clients served. This is also an opportunity to explain the benefits and responsibilities of membership; Based on the due diligence visits, a recommendation is made to the Board which then selects the candidate firm that demonstrates the “best fit” with Interlaw; A senior representative of the firm is then invited to attend a regional or annual meeting as an “observer”. Following consultation with the firm, existing members, and the Secretariat, the Board approves extending an invitation to the candidate firm to join Interlaw; The firm accepts and is introduced to Interlawyers worldwide. Prospective Member Questionnaire Interlaw thoroughly vets prospective member firms, and generally only considers mid-sized, full service, commercial law firms located in a jurisdiction in which Interlaw does not currently have a member firm. Prospective members will have a distinguished reputation for adherence to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, and actively represent clients with global interests. Principals of member firms must commit to participating fully in the Association’s conferences and activities to foster the development and reinforcement of personal relationships. If you would like to explore joining the Association, kindly complete this questionnaire, and it will be forwarded to the Secretariat for consideration.