UGGC & Associés

UGGC & Associés

UGGC & Associés has become a leading independent law firm in France and has an established network of correspondents, the firm is well positioned to offer a fully international service to its clientele.

The firm has more than 160 lawyers, including 32 partners, an overall staff of nearly 200 people, with almost a third of its lawyers working overseas.

UGGC & Associés assists its clients, private companies, public entities and natural persons, across a wide range of legal and tax practise areas. Each partner is renown in his field and together they form a cohesive team of experts covering all areas of business law.

UGGC & Associés is a Professional Civil Partnership. The choice of this legal status for the firm reflects a team spirit enabling the lawyers to develop and pool their expertise, in the sole interest of clients.

The consolidated turnover of UGGC & Associés is in excess of 35 millions euros. Thanks to the trust of its clients and the stability of its teams, the firm has enjoyed significant and steady growth in terms of turnover and staff for over 16 years, without any cyclical effect.

Such growth is the result of our determination to cover all areas of law and to be able to draw on the expertise of structured teams in each of these areas. Within UGGC & Associés, in addition to our clients who receive our full services for all their legal and fiscal needs; each department deals with clients in their specialised area, ensuring their own growth and development. In this way, we are able to offer each individual client top tier services in all areas of the law as well as providing stable teams to handle their cases.

Office Location

47 rue de Monceau
Paris 75007
Tel: (33-1) 5669-7000
Fax: (33-1) 5669-7071

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Edouard Héliot
(33-1) 5669-7018

Office Location

97 Boulevard Massira Al Khadra
Tel: (212-522) 99 76 00
Fax: (212-522) 23 86 66

Interlaw Contacts

Patrick Larrivé
(212-522) 99 76 00