Tess Advogados

Tess Advogados


Tess Advogados is different and ahead of its competitors. It sees its client as business partners. Defending and representing its client interests is paramount to mutual success.

Solid legal education, continuous professional development, and broad experience in key areas of the law make Tess Advogados a highly skilled, dynamic and cohesive team.

Its lawyers guarantee technical excellence by continuous professional development, be it through post-graduate studies, studying abroad or taking part in specialised think tanks. Tess Advogados professionals dominate their area and are always up to date on legal developments. Many are law professors, arbitrators, or mediators and are active in Brazilian and international organisations.

The result is a firm committed to creative and concrete solutions that reflects and often predicts changes in the business and legal worlds.

Tess Advogados guarantees its client superior services delivered with dynamism and agility.

Office Location

Av. Brasil, 471
São Paulo Cep. 01431-000
Tel: (55-11) 2146-6000
Fax: (55-11) 2146-6001

Interlaw Contacts

Eduardo Carvalho Tess, Filho
(55-11) 2146-6028

Antonio Carlos F. de Abreu e Silva
(55-11) 2146-6037

Paulo Lara
(55-11) 2146-6044